Concept to Construction

Eagle Works moves into fall semester with a productive start.  New members are growing accustomed to the engaging and fast-paced atmosphere of weekly work sessions, and their engagement is appreciated. 

With a finish date before Speed Week in the summer of 2018, the team’s focus transitions from concept to construction.  A 3D model for the car’s structure and cooling systems have been conpleted using CAD software, and more are to follow.  Members in the shop proceeded to organize the shop area in preparation for fabrication.  Other members continued research efforts to find the most efficient and reliable products to use on the vehicle.  Only halfway through the fall semester, and already the car is speeding toward completion. 

Below is the CAD model of the frame, batteries, and front-end suspension designed by members Alex Benz, Nate DePutter, Christopher Raatz, and Reece Ticotin.  



Setting the Stage

The past few weeks have been full of back to back action for the Eagle Works Team. Members that have been away were brought up to speed on the hard work the interns had been putting in all summer. From there the Team dove into recruitment and selected the best of the best that Embry-Riddle Prescott Campus has to offer.  The day these new members were brought on board they were put to work; their energy and excitement for the project on that day has already been felt by the rest of the team. 

With the new team members came a new team structure, designed by team member Alex Chambers. The goal is to keep each team member more accountable for their part of the project. The team is using simple and efficient engineering management software to help them track the progress of each system. The benefits are already paying off after only a few weeks of implementation. 

The Eagle Works Team has no intentions of slowing down. 




Bringing it all together

Before the Eagle Works Team began gearing up for the academic year the Eagle Works summer interns were hard at work making as much progress as possible before heavy class loads became an obstacle. 

Below is the design for the front end by Alex Benz,  who worked tirelessly over summer to bring this piece of the car to life. The two motors will be encased by a custom machined aluminium block. A brilliant over-under cooling system will be used to keep the motors from overheating. During Speed Week the team learned that the Salt Flats aren't very flat at all. With that in mind heavy duty off road suspension parts will be used to keep the car from bouncing violently on race day. One last fun fact, Corvette hubs turned out to be a perfect fit to mount the wheels! There's nothing like classic American muscle even on cunning edge of new age technology. 




Speeding Into the New Semester

This summer, six members of Eagle Works got the opportunity to work on the Land Speed Record project full time as Interns, surging the team's progress forward. While much was learned over the three month break, the biggest takeaway for the team was a three day trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats for the 69th annual Speed Week. During the trip our team gained an immense amount of knowledge from the Salt Flat's Veterans, and came up with many great ideas for the project. Those ideas will be implemented throughout this coming semester, which starts Monday, August 28th. The team is looking forward to getting back to work, and making great progress this semester! If you are interested in joining the team, come visit our booth at the activity fair on September 7th, or contact Reece Ticotin at

Eagle Works Interns at Bonneville Salt Flats From Left to Right: Johnathan Crossley, Team Member; Julia Mihaylov, Lead Cooling Engineer and Secretary; Sean Rager, Director of Research and Development; Reece Ticotin, President; Alexander Benz, Lead Steering Engineer.

Eagle Works Interns at Bonneville Salt Flats

From Left to Right: Johnathan Crossley, Team Member; Julia Mihaylov, Lead Cooling Engineer and Secretary; Sean Rager, Director of Research and Development; Reece Ticotin, President; Alexander Benz, Lead Steering Engineer.



Practice Safe Engineering!

Today the Eagle Works team focused heavily on the topic of safety. With a land speed car making sure everyone is safe, especially the driver, is a very serious matter. Placement of the fire suppression system with regard to the frame as well as parachute logistics are just two of the ways the team is making sure everything will run smoothly on test day.  




A New Year Means a New Class of Members!

Eagle Works recently accepted its new class of members and the team is extremely excited!  The team has increased in size from 20 members to 36!  We had several qualified applicants, so it made the decision very difficult!  

As far as work on the car goes, the team is in the pre-fabrication phase!  Fabrication is set to start this semester which means more updates on the progress will be coming shortly!



From us to you: Thank you!!

The Eagle Works team has been busy this spring term! In February, we held our first Preliminary Design Review (PDR). We presented on nine of the internal components which included:

  • motor
  • battery
  • suspension
  • brakes
  • steering
  • cooling
  • aeroshell
  • frame
  • parachutes

The presentation went very well! There were many benefits to doing this presentation, but one of the most obvious ones were to show the rest of the team how much progress each system has made.

Our crowdfunding project came to an end at the beginning of March and we raised $4,025!! Thank you so much to all of our contributors! Additionally, we received $2,000 from the Rockwell Collins Charitable Corporation!! Thank you very much!!

The funds were placed toward purchasing our first motor, motor controller, and a battery pack. Now we have to patiently wait before we get to run tests, but for now, we continue to research and refine our designs.

The end of the school year is preparing the team for an eventful summer and fall - stay tuned!




    Eagle Works is One!

    The Eagle Works team has been hard at work as members continue to research the vehicle sub-systems. However, that didn't stop the team from taking a moment to reflect over the astounding fact that Eagle Works is over 1 years old.

    Eagle Works was officially founded October 18, 2014 after the completion of the program's first project. The team took a moment to celebrate and reflect on past accomplishments while facing everyday engineering struggles.

    Eagle Works Team gather to celebrate one year of hard work and extensive progress.

    Besides the celebratory, the team broke up into individual sub-systems with our main focus on motors, steering, suspension, and the parachute mount. Each team has a project lead and report back to the Directors on a weekly basis.

    Our AeroShell Team began configuring a potential mold design using foam. The goal of the AeroShell team is to develop the most efficient aeroshell for the vehicle.

    The AeroShell Team secure an arrangement of foam boards to allow the adhesive to completely dry.                                                                      Right to left: Reece Ticotin, Phil Elterman, and Brian Ferguson

    Once the adhesive is dry, the team will sand down the edges to create a smooth outer shell mold. Good luck guys!!

    A variety of parts and materials have been purchased and ordered for each sub-system to begin testing. After much research and refinement, it's time to put theory into practice!

    Additionally, the team was selected to be part of Embry-Riddle's Crowdfunding project with the intent of reaching a desired goal in donations to aid in completing the project. Learn more at:

    Eagle Works would love to have your support! Until then, Eagle Works wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.




      Welcome to Fall 2015!


      Welcome to Fall 2015!

      On behalf of Eagle Works: Advance Vehicle Lab, welcome back to ERAU Prescott for the 2015-2016 school year! We are looking forward to a fantastic year filled with progress, innovation, and fun!  Over the summer, the shop interns made incredible progress regarding the design and construction of our landspeed vehicle.

      By the end of this year, the team is planning on being well into fabrication of the car. We are currently implementing a new Cognizant Engineer plan to design the vehicle, allowing for all team members to actively participate in all stages of production. Our first work day was Saturday, August 29th, and team members were found across campus working on their respective projects.  Motivation and enthusiasm are high and everyone is glad to be back!

      We are also looking forward to gaining new team members! We are planning on being at the Campus Activities Fair on September 10th in the Activities Center. We will have packets of information available for anyone interested.  Our team is made of all grade levels and all majors ERAU Prescott offers. We welcome all experience levels as all skills can be learned in our shop as well as in class.  We have quite a few events planned for potential members, so come check us out! Contact President Jenna Humble at or Director of Business Seerat Sangha at for more information. 



      Summer Goals

      ERAU Prescott is on summer break!

      However, some of our members are working at the Eagle Works Lab this summer and have some exciting news to share with us:

      After much collaboration and design analysis, the team has decided to proceed with rear wheel steering for the vehicle. The team chose a rear wheel steering system to avoid the installation of a steering column in the front end of the car.

      In addition, the driver's chair was ordered and delivered to the shop in May! The seat chosen is manufactured by Kirkey Racing Fabrication.

      The guys were excited to bring in the metal order of chromoly steel. Unfortunately, we haven't received enough materials to start construction, but we have made serious headway with the design of the frame, the aero-shell, the steering, and the cooling system. The designs are near completion and fabrication will begin soon!

      We are looking forward to a trip to Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah this year in August for Speed Week! We plan to be in Utah betwen the 6th and 9th.

      Photo courtesy of Alex Chambers, Nick Valois, Adrian Muradian, Brendan Fontes, and Ben Wilson.

      A huge milestone has been reached for Eagle Works and it's only the beginning of summer - look forward to hearing more exciting news! Keep up the great work, guys!



      Spring Update

      Update! Update!

      Eagle Works is getting closer and closer to developing a final design for our electric land speed vehicle. A clay model has been created as a representation of the vehicle (expect a picture soon). In the meantime, the business team is preparing a wide public promotion soon to go viral at the beginning of summer. The members have been working hard and are thoroughly enjoying themselves at Embry-Riddle. Truthfully, being full-time college students and part of Eagle Works can make our schedules clustered, but the team has been pulling through.

      The University will be updating the university website, so look for Eagle Works! That's all for now, we're gonna enjoy our Spring break! :)