The Eagle Works team has been hard at work as members continue to research the vehicle sub-systems. However, that didn't stop the team from taking a moment to reflect over the astounding fact that Eagle Works is over 1 years old.

Eagle Works was officially founded October 18, 2014 after the completion of the program's first project. The team took a moment to celebrate and reflect on past accomplishments while facing everyday engineering struggles.

Eagle Works Team gather to celebrate one year of hard work and extensive progress.

Besides the celebratory, the team broke up into individual sub-systems with our main focus on motors, steering, suspension, and the parachute mount. Each team has a project lead and report back to the Directors on a weekly basis.

Our AeroShell Team began configuring a potential mold design using foam. The goal of the AeroShell team is to develop the most efficient aeroshell for the vehicle.

The AeroShell Team secure an arrangement of foam boards to allow the adhesive to completely dry.                                                                      Right to left: Reece Ticotin, Phil Elterman, and Brian Ferguson

Once the adhesive is dry, the team will sand down the edges to create a smooth outer shell mold. Good luck guys!!

A variety of parts and materials have been purchased and ordered for each sub-system to begin testing. After much research and refinement, it's time to put theory into practice!

Additionally, the team was selected to be part of Embry-Riddle's Crowdfunding project with the intent of reaching a desired goal in donations to aid in completing the project. Learn more at:

Eagle Works would love to have your support! Until then, Eagle Works wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.