ERAU Prescott is on summer break!

However, some of our members are working at the Eagle Works Lab this summer and have some exciting news to share with us:

After much collaboration and design analysis, the team has decided to proceed with rear wheel steering for the vehicle. The team chose a rear wheel steering system to avoid the installation of a steering column in the front end of the car.

In addition, the driver's chair was ordered and delivered to the shop in May! The seat chosen is manufactured by Kirkey Racing Fabrication.

The guys were excited to bring in the metal order of chromoly steel. Unfortunately, we haven't received enough materials to start construction, but we have made serious headway with the design of the frame, the aero-shell, the steering, and the cooling system. The designs are near completion and fabrication will begin soon!

We are looking forward to a trip to Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah this year in August for Speed Week! We plan to be in Utah betwen the 6th and 9th.

Photo courtesy of Alex Chambers, Nick Valois, Adrian Muradian, Brendan Fontes, and Ben Wilson.

A huge milestone has been reached for Eagle Works and it's only the beginning of summer - look forward to hearing more exciting news! Keep up the great work, guys!