On behalf of Eagle Works: Advance Vehicle Lab, welcome back to ERAU Prescott for the 2015-2016 school year! We are looking forward to a fantastic year filled with progress, innovation, and fun!  Over the summer, the shop interns made incredible progress regarding the design and construction of our landspeed vehicle.

By the end of this year, the team is planning on being well into fabrication of the car. We are currently implementing a new Cognizant Engineer plan to design the vehicle, allowing for all team members to actively participate in all stages of production. Our first work day was Saturday, August 29th, and team members were found across campus working on their respective projects.  Motivation and enthusiasm are high and everyone is glad to be back!

We are also looking forward to gaining new team members! We are planning on being at the Campus Activities Fair on September 10th in the Activities Center. We will have packets of information available for anyone interested.  Our team is made of all grade levels and all majors ERAU Prescott offers. We welcome all experience levels as all skills can be learned in our shop as well as in class.  We have quite a few events planned for potential members, so come check us out! Contact President Jenna Humble at humblej@my.erau.edu or Director of Business Seerat Sangha at sanghas@my.erau.edu for more information.