With 70% of the car components modeled in CAD, the team dedicated Saturday toward finishing and refining models.

A recently finished CAD model is the completely assembled battery cell with new CCA connectors. Explosively Welded Copper Clad Aluminum connectors (CCA) will connect to the battery cells of the car, allowing a flow of energy through the batteries and powering the vehicle. The CAD models below are essential to the success of the car as they are critical components in the movement of the vehicle. The CCA creates a set of series and parallel connections in the cells, resulting in higher voltage and amperage respectively. The more of both connections that exist, the more power the batteries can distribute and therefore the more energy available for the car.

Below are CAD models for the CCA and battery cell designed by Johnathan Crossley. The third picture is a manufactured CCA.

pic 1.PNG
pic 2.PNG